It’s A Hijab Homie

Hijab. A top covering topic that has sinister implications lately. And I’m not talking about nonzeez*. I’m talking about Muslims. Among our own kind, its led people to believe that one who practices hijab is a fanatic or trying to up themselves on the social scale, or tell non-covering Muslimas around them, “We’re better than you.”

Well, let me uncomplicate this for you. Women who practice hijab do it simply because Allah requires it from us. Period… yah all those little dots I just made. Period. If anyone has a half hazard misconception that it is not a requirement of our religious biography than let me tell you once more. Allah requires us to. Period. Again.

Any argument beyond this has to do with one’s personal choice of not adhering to this requirement and thus forth diluting the issue with finger pointing specificities, so to feel less guilty for not practicing hijab.

Now as for my nonzeez… the question of why? arises. Well I gave you one pretty darn good reason above. But if you’re looking for justification for Allah’s command then here are three basic reasons:

  1. Hijab is a physical representation of a woman’s effort to maintain Islam in the presence of others.
  2. Hijab preserves a woman’s dignity, respect, and identity as not just any creation of Allah’s.. but a beautiful and unique creation of His.
  3. It allows a woman and those around her to focus on values, intellect, and other qualities aside from her physical make-up.

I can tell you right now and here, practicing modesty in such a manner is not easy. It’s a struggle. And when a woman realizes that this struggle showcases her submission and love for Allah – she becomes oblivious to how others see her and nothing any one can say matters after that.

It’s not to say that Muslim women can’t envelop other forms of submitting their will to Allah. Yet this most visible and a-typical practice says, “I do not conform to a group, nation, or ideology”. And this irks every Muslim who needs the comfort of acceptance, especially in a foreign nation and every nonzee who refuses to be open and accepting of others’ differences.

One more thing. I started practicing hijab three months before 9/11. Now if hijab is not a normal practice within the family or community, getting comfortable with it is a process. And boy was that process so much more difficult after the heinous acts that took place in Manhattan. But the understanding and mannerism of educated and diverse minds made my continual journey as a Hijabi so much more rewarding.

*nonzeez- people who do not associate themselves with the Islamic faith.


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