Reduced-fat Home Designs

If there’s one kind of labor I’m willing to be in it’s the labor of love towards my home. Not to say I’m ungrateful for my kids, but goodness sake I’d rather fluff up a pillow than scream in it.

Over the years my near obsession with home decor has led to one inclination: the less the better. And I have to say, it sorta should be that way considering the purviews of an Islamic lifestyle.

Simple fact: Islamically, waste and extravagance are obscenely disliked.

Opinion: I personally cringe at gaudy, over stuffed, afraid to touch decorum.

Choice: To each their own, but if you err to the side of simplicity and agree that materialism is a wasteful habit that has engulfed our world for centuries, then perhaps the following design styles will kick your creative side into gear.

Not to say pretty or pricey aren’t other forms of wastefulness, but let’s leave that discussion for another day and shimmy our way over to some particularly trendy interior living styles that sooth and add class simultaneously.

Scandi-lous Living

Nordic or Scandinavian interiors are impeccably light and visually lucid. Geographically, this trendy design stems from countries that battle snow for the better part of the year. As a reflection of the outdoor scenery, nordic decor focuses on texture and natural elements. If this style engages you, start with balancing lighter tones, soft materials, and cozy nooks within your room. Use elements like branches or candles to off-set the basic background.

Rustic-ulously Modern

… Is like sitting in a cabin without feeling like you’re being hauled to a landfill at any minute. Rustic modern surroundings give the sense that you’ve been gathering a room for years, but with sensible — usable elements. Clean lines and iron/ wood textures combined assume a modest, but livable space. Two examples of great rustic-modern pieces are chunky wood coffee tables or over-sized ottomans; or lush, simple, and soft rugs that feel fuzzy under your toes and in your line of sight.

Minimal-me Design

Aside from looking like a few specs on a blank piece of paper, minimalism has come a long way from feeling like a spaceship. Still owning up to its love for geometric shapes this design offers other great elements that rule out a plethora of accessories. The main message minimalism conveys is focused. Colors on the other hand can be to your liking from vivid to suave. Elements that are emboldened by strong shapes and lines take center stage here. Keep the number of pieces (including accents) to a low, but your style at maximum.




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