5 pants that give MOD-esty an edge

Loose. Relaxed. Censored. Flowing. Fabulous.

In an era where “skinny” is meant for a latte and a pair pants, I beg to differ. One, I love whole milk. Two, and more importantly, I feel loose-fit clothing is not only hot, it’s the best way to give others around you a heads up.

About the fact that a girl with a sharp mind and great attitude doesn’t have to give up her waist size. Even better, let’s throw in the fact that the shape of our legs have nothing to do with defining how beautiful we are as people.

Giving in to an image-conscious society promises loss of identity. Suffice to say I have some other quarrels on the matter.

Like, are we universally running out of fabric? Turn back the dial to 13th century dress code and cloth came out of peoples eye sockets. Layers upon layers of free flowing (yes bust blooming, but) well tailored outfits. And now, as wealth, “progression”, and “equality” roar forward we’re low balling it on body wrap?

Talk about throwing self-preservation out the window. Deep breath.

So, now, I’m adamant. Modesty will take center stage. And Mod will step on to that cat walk with a whole new meaning. We’re going to cover our ass, literally, with a little extra yardage. And lift people’s line of sight back up to where it should be. Upon women’s great sense of humor, grace, humility, and success through more appropriate measures of life.

Oh and don’t you worry. To put a buck behind my claim I have gathered five great bottoms that  say.. my style is anything but 2000 and late.

1. Relaxed

I like that look and I cannot lie… This is a total everyday kinda slacks. Its comfortable. Let this calming color be affixed with a simple t-shirt or layer with a sweater and you’re set.

2. clean

Totally ready for a day at the office or park. This is what makes you wonder, “how successful is she, eh?”

3. Chic

Okay, so maybe you need a top that scrapes at the knees, but seriously, these jeans are sooo asking you out, and I totally mean that in a halal (Islamically acceptable)-way.

4. Fresh

Sashay Sashay… into  and with these wide-legs, hey! I’m ready to wear a floppy-hat and skip-a-doodle down to the creek with me paisley.

5. Transition

What’s the rush? Chillax. These linen leg covers are one of my favorite purchases. They are so casual. And a few hours later, still offer a dressy look with just a change of shoes.

Who said you can’t look good and be good at the same time? Up to the challenge? Let’s make a mark of Modesty no generation has ever seen.


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