latest and greatest costco find

Often times I find my pantry, anything but consolable. It heaves with pathetic angst about having been untamed and untouched for so long. Despite our daily incursion into this little closet of nibbles, most things in my pantry are left untouched. And thrown out soon thereafter.

So what is the dilemma? What’s causing me to ignore all those stocked goodies? And it hit me. My pantry is an eyesore. Its disheveled and something lurks in those dark corners I dare not peek into.

No more! Be gone, dire state-pantry! I need to easily grab staples and get to offering consistent, palette-friendly, home cooked meals.

The kind of meals that actually see raw, fresh ingredients combined with herbs and spices. Cooked over slow heat, licked by the ladle. Sending a stream of aroma to every corner of my home. Yah that kind of meal.

So I began my quest. For recycled, reusable, and pretty little goodies to bring some pizazz to this little haven for dry goods and onions.

On another, note I. Love. Costco. Just ask my husband. A simple spring in my step as I come home and he knows where I’ve been.

Upon that little embarrassing admission, I want to clear up… ehmm… I shop at Costco for 3 reasons: 1. I have four kids; so a box of strawberries lasts 24 hours – barely 2. I love the quality; organic and otherwise, products are mostly reliable 3. I can rely on discovering unique, practical items, often.

So after saving up on orange crates, and picking up pretty left over jars I thought I’m done. My pantry is nifty (sounds so my-aunt Halawa-made-this sweaterish, I know).

But then I went to Costco. And this one particular Costco find had me wishing I could do the Macarena right there in the aisle. Andd, it was a find that fit right into my pantry overhaul. Admittedly it wasn’t unearthed by me (Thank you cousin-in-law!!), but boy did this purchase make my day.

Despite some mental fiddle about whether or not this purchase was really necessary I took the bait. And I let this classy pair of storage crates pass before my eyes at the register to get scanned.


This top-notch set of metal crates  aren’t just stackable. No no no, they are sturdy, modern, multi-purpose, and now mine. To the non-homie, yah I’m lookin’ cuckoo. But all you pantry hovering home-girls know it. Dig it.


Plus, catch this. Each crate has a matching metal tag used for labeling your bin. Forget the pantry, this is perfect for a mudroom, bathroom and more!


My pantry is so proud of me. The hardest part about this entire experience… Holding off on buying more!


So before you drop a comment, let me, let you, in on some news. These will not last long. Go get one!


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