For the Love of Coffee

The sun does not rise in my neck-of-the-woods until my senses have been rallied by a good cup of joe. And so help me God, if I’m put into rushing through a swig of that warm-goodness… Okay I’ll just have another cup ;). But seriously, coffee or, in my house it’s nemesis, tea, is like insulin. My husband, who puts his cup of tea on a pedestal beyond my understanding, is equally adamant  about having an “environment” while sipping his brew.

But this daily contentment requires one thing, if you’re on the wagon like me. A place, a corner even, to marry the essentials of a grand cup of delight. Whether you have an all-out extraordinaire kitchen or a nestling spot on a counter: coffee-making essentials have a signature space in your life. And one thing’s for sure; it’s so much more satisfying to know your daily coffee making goodies are at your fingertips.

I, for one, with my love for coffee, felt I owed it’s essentials a little respect. And because I cringe at clutter, created a coffee station that’s simple, yet accessible at all hours of the day.

So if you’re in it to win it, here are a few bits to bite on to make your brewing station a sensation…

IMG_20160103_091758.jpgChoose simple, clean, containers. Accessories that meet the decor of your kitchen. Or opt for something that gives the illusion of taking little space.

Have spoons and cups within reach. Too many items on the counter = the capital ‘C’ in Clutter. So, I tuck the aforementioned in cabinets and drawers directly above or below.

Give your station a gathered, organized look by setting jars and accessories on a tray, board or well-defined space. I placed my jars on a simple tray that nearly dissolves into the counter. But the shape clearly contains items in one area.

Dust and wipe your essentials regularly. Make brewing visually appealing.


IMG_20160103_092009.jpgAdd a splash of color, whimsy, or personality to your coffee corner. You want your efforts and star ingredients to be noticeable. But in a good way. This silly, but fun canvased art adds to conversation and highlights its surroundings.

If you haven’t noticed already, I skipped the fuss of a machine altogether and have opted for this lovely, natural, Chemex coffee maker. It summons a couple extra steps, but the results are truly amazing. You do appreciate this more by using special Chemex filters, but one can always buy generic cone-shaped filters to host a scoop or more of ground coffee. Pour hot boiling water over and watch it drip into delight at the bottom of the hour glass.

This is my way of giving my morning side-kick the attention it deserves. How do you? Tell us on




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