Back Tracking Conundrum

So it’s been a while? Eeks! What, I wonder was up with me the past year, I have only the slightest clue. Well, I’ll be honest. I went on a mental journey. Upon spilling a senseless amount of banter, it had hit me. What, if any, is the point of complaining? And yes, I have other realms of inspiring readers. But is inspiration original? How sophisticated can my rhetoric be to stand out from the crowd? And is rhetoric really how I want to personify my faith?

The answer to that hefty cliffhanger, was obviously no… or No, if it’s not so obvious.  What I’m poorly trying to iterate is that I had to identify a simple reason for pouring out words on this digital page..  Extend a real attempt at showcasing or defining, rather, this beautiful religion for what it is. And there it was: simple. I had said it before in correlation to the goals of the Islamic faith – but I hadn’t actually integrated that philosophy within the concept of this blog.

Then a few days ago I was reading this amazing book, which is taking me forever to finish.  And simplicity sunk in. The focus of my communication to the entire world, through this dictation of thoughts and ideas and experiences came to life.

Muslimanifesta is a mainframe for normalizing Islam in our lives. 

It’s too easy. Isolating religion as a part of one’s life. Even when a Muslim says, “Islam is a way of life,” we tend to either separate ourselves from society or maneuver around Islam so our actual life isn’t compromised. It’s this compartmentalized approach that reduces the effect of Islam. Or it enables others to manipulate what Islam stands for because we, who supposedly represent it, fell of the norm-wagon before hitting the road.

In truth, Islam is normal. It calls for a humane, morally-based lifestyle that promotes harmony, equality, economic stability and social balance and security.

So down this path, I’m not going to sugar coat. I’m simply going to stick to my guns and tell you its normal to want to be modest, it’s normal to eat good — real food, it’s normal to want simplicity and remove one self from materialism. Its crispin’ normal to have faith in God and His Greatness and subsequently normal to live by His standards.

Have a lil’ faith, I’ve got more norm right around the corner.









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