Peace & Purification Project

Welcome to the Peace & Purification Project!

Here, you and I both, are on the road to self-improvement through simple projects that establish A) Peace and B) Purification. Now these might include practical, spiritual, mental or even social objectives.

But the goal is to simplify realistic methods to cleanse ourselves and establish a sense of calm (sakoon) in our lives. As the foundation of Islamic teachings, I have found that until a human being adjusts their mindset to acquire peace and purification, we end up in unrelenting predicaments.

Once an individual forgoes these two elements, there is a clear rippling effect that shatters family, society and inevitably nations. Conversely, a nation’s leadership can impose the same effect if they stray from peace and purification.

As a preface to all future projects in this section, I’m outlining some basic principles of Peace and Purification. I also feel that my opinion alone is not the hear all, see all. Down the road, I’ll invite guest writers to offer their ideas.Untitled Design (1)


It’s that sense of security an infant has, sleeping an his mother’s arms. The calm that one arrives to when his stomach is full and responsibilities fulfilled.


A genuine sense of good. The like of biting into a  fruit picked directly from the tree that grew from the seed you once planted into the ground. Direct, clear, natural inclination to maintain what is right. The mental & emotional detoxification that rids one of harmful attributes. Untitled Design (2)

Disclaimer! None of us can attain 100% peace and purification. That perfection is for Allah alone. But a consistent effort to culminate peace and purification is what we have to work at.

As you’ve noticed this category is named: good habits. Because peace and purity is an acquired and practical choice. So choose to keep yourself posted and reap the benefits along the way.


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