KonMari your hijab

As promised! Today I’ve outlined a small tutorial on how to KonMari your hijab. You’ll also find a few tid-bits towards the end, on storage solutions. Solutions that will change your drawer-setting perspective forever!

Okay so step #one:

Get rid of those hijabs that you look at once in a blue-moon and then say, “I think I’ll wait until I can find something that will match this hijab.” Or, “I really love this hijab, but it just doesn’t sit right on my face.” Dude-tte, la hawla wala quwat yourself and donate the head-hopper! Release that guilt and move on. Tie that drawstring and put those hijabs in the back of your trunk and don’t look back.

Alrighty, bismillah (in the name of Allah)…

Step #two:

Find an open, flat, clean surface you can easily lay your hijab out on. Now the tutorial I’m sharing is for an oblong (rectangle), wrap-around scarf. I don’t own a square hijab, but  I’m sure once you get a grasp on this method, you’ll understand how to manipulate the strategy for other hijabs, Insha’Allah (God-Willing).

Lay out your hijab so that it is lengthwise in front of you and fold in half, width-wise.

Before I proceed, consider these pointers. The mechanics of this folding method offer a few general rules. One, you reduce the friction of the cloth. Two, you work in the imagery of a rectangle at all times. And, three, the object becomes compact. So as you continue folding, notice how the clothing item maintains these rules.

Step #three… smooth out your item, by placing your hands flat over the center and softly. Then firmly push away any wrinkles or ripples.


Now fold over one side of the scarf towards the middle, lengthwise.


Fold over the last third of your scarf, so the long edge meets the folded edge. This is, what I like to call the “tri-fold” effect.


Step #four…

Fold the scarf in half, length-wise, so both ends meet.


Then fold over in segments of thirds or fourths.


You know your KonMari fold is successful, if you press your clothing between your hands in an upright position and the item stands without support.


As rambunctious as we are about keeping a stock of full of hijabs at our disposal, it is very necessary to filter out the aimless, less-loved items.

Once you’ve done that, find a few empty shoe boxes or if you prefer, stores like Ikea have great drawer organizer solutions for just a few bucks.

h-7Stack your hijabs and other head-gear in an upright position in the box of your choice and place the box in your drawer. This maneuver is not only eye candy, but also a pleasure to rummage through (because there’s no rummaging involved!).

I personally love this idea and have boxes for each of my personal items. Neatly preserved drawers are a blessing in disguise, especially if you’re too busy dealing with life’s other clutter. Enjoy and I’d love to hear about your experience with the hijab-kondo, so please share!

photo credits: Yusra Farooqui



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