make good habits hard to kill

Ever heard the phrase, ‘bad habits die hard’? Well no more! I’m here to offer you an alternate perspective: Make good habits harder to get rid of. How? Well…

Based on the recent launch of our Peace & Purity Project, here in good habits we’ll map out individual habits that we believe can:

  • improve YOU: your inner being
  • improve YOUR LIFE: your routine, your surroundings
  • crush YOUR WEAKNESS: anything that pulls you down, is game
  • boost YOUR GOALS: eliminate waste, so you can focus

We utilize the plethora of resources Islam offers, combined with personal experience. We shed light on ideas and practices that have helped us along the way. And we don’t hold back. Because we believe everyone has a right to a better life. So here we are sharing the best of what we know. And what we’ve experienced. With you!


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