the costco find that’s a real chip-magnet

MSG. High-fructose corn syrup. Red color this. Orange color that. Half the ingredients listed on packaged foods nowadays are up for discussion. I can’t pick a loaf of bread without being spun into confusion by the jargon they call natural ingredients.

Snack foods are on another level altogether. But not too long ago, as I rolled my cart down the aisle, at none other than my local Costco Wholesale, did I come to a screeching halt. Low and behold, stacked in front of me, were bags labeled, ‘Food Should Taste Good’.

Initially, I was skeptical. Tortilla chips filled with ingredients like quinoa and flax seed? With brown rice flour? Ingredients that quite honestly, aren’t high priority on my shopping list. But this leap was totally worth it. They have become my go-to snack.


They are, commendably, a great alternative to regular tortilla chips. I usually eat them without any sides. But it will measure up to any salsa or cheese concoction one should desire. Aside from maxing my salty-meter, these multi-grain bites have met my pure & simple standards without a doubt. is not affiliated to Costco Wholesale or Food Should Taste Good. does not get paid for any promotions of products or services related to Costco Wholesale or Food Should Taste Good.

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