two easy to grow plants that survived winter


Of all the skills passed down from my mother to me, plant-care isn’t one of them. In fact, it has taken me years to come to terms with this truth. I do not have a green thumb. Needless to say, I hesitantly purchase plants. At the behest of my husband, until I was able to keep a couple alive for a good year, I was to avoid investing in more.

Plants are, well, like children. Each has different needs, diet and require patience. Although I’ve managed to get 7 or 8 plants going, there were two I completely neglected this past winter. And come spring, they both sprung back to life. I knew they were easy to grow plants, but I didn’t know it would be this easy. In fact, once I noticed the bounce back, the only additional step I took was re-potting each into a larger planter.


Wintercreeper. By the sound of it seems eerie. Yet this foliage grows in fully and has beautiful green-white mixed leaves  that are charming to the eye. Thus the alternate name, Silver Queen. Although a ground-cover, I opted to pot this shrub and allowed it to take over a corner on my balcony.


A Pot of Gold, scientifically known as Coreopsis, is truly such. A flowering plant that boldly comes back to life. And chimes right in with summer. Aside from watering, I’ve simply pruned off deadheads, to encourage new buds, during these warmer months. This perennial caught my eye last summer as I roamed through the nursery at Home Depot. Left unguarded in below freezing temperatures, the only sign of life, it had was specks of green leaves at the based of the plant, above the soil.  Its added a great splash among the green and is truly independent of my underwhelming care.

Although there is a superb list of hardy plants, these survivors top my list for East Coast perennials.

photo credits: Yusra Farooqui


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