about annie

20131103_163245Annie Ghazi, owner of Muslimanifesta.com is a content writer by profession and blogger for over 3 years. She spent the early part of her career scouring resources and platforms to assist organizations with content based marketing and strategy.

Unknowingly she stumbled upon a role that is now a core asset in the marketing world. As an amateur, Annie developed several marketing campaigns and aligned copy to market smaller brands. Today, although on a break from the professional realm, she lives and breathes content and creativity.

Annie believes words are like a warm inviting meal… impeccably delicious to the senses. And a way bring people together. No matter what walk of life they cling to.

Currently living in the east coast with her husband and 4 children, Annie puts her faith in God on the highest pedestal. She acknowledges that Islam guides her day-to-day and is an untapped resource for society as a whole.


Unearthing the personal side of Annie and you’ll find a passion for organization, hands-on creative activities, and simplistic beauty.

“I cringe at clutter, so even the design elements I enjoy are subtle and calm.”

Annie is originally from Southern California and has a deep connection with the melting pot atmosphere of that region. She hopes to bring an appreciation of that concept here and simultaneously reduce the clutter of life.

Annie spends time partly dedicated to adult language learners who master speaking, reading and writing English.

The better half of her life is enthralled by her children who, “…supply me with a copious amount of new and untamed experiences.”

“By no regard am I foodie, but I find myself practically living in the kitchen.”

Annie is a habitual mom-cook. She is always exploring ways to indulge in natural and fresh ingredients, blending south Asian and western flavors.

Despite other numerous passions, Annie is currently focused on aligning her professional skills, love for writing, and personal experiences here on Muslimanifesta.