Islamic terms

Words play a colossal role in determining good from bad, right from wrong. How we see the world is greatly dependent on the words we’re fed, and the connotation behind those terms. I am not here to convince anyone, but it is my official responsibility to share what little I know about my faith. And if anything, I am confident that words will not fail me, while the rest of the world continues to disappoint. Although, I’m not exceptional, I have to admit that Allah has supplied me with the faculty of written communication. So here I am trying my utmost to utilize this potential and unearth what I see as the simplest and purest form of living: Islam.

Below is a list of words that may help, enhance, or motivate you to learn more. Even build upon your existing knowledge or just replenish your belief in good.


Allah: the God

Alhamdulillah: the prayer that translates to: Praise be to God

Assalamu Alaykum: the Islamic greeting that means, peace and blessings be upon you


Bismillah: a prayer stated prior to any activity; translates to: In the name of Allah


Caliph: A person or government ruling a certain population






Hadith: evidence based teachings, practices, sayings of the last Prophet Muhammad SAWS

Hajj: the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Makkah during the Islamic month of Dhul-Hijjah.

Halal: an practice or item that is in accordance with Islamic guidelines, especially consumable items

Hijab: a garment used to cover the head & hair of a person (i.e. scarf, dupatta, cap)


Islam: the act and belief of submitting to the Will of the One & Only God; a set of commitments that ensure peace in society and purity within individual lives

Iman: belief; faith


Jazaka Allahu Khair: A prayer that translates to, may Allah bestow goodness and well-being upon you; an expression of appreciation in lieu of thanking a person.

Jihad: the act of struggling for the sake of pleasing God; internal struggle to overcome desires; physical struggle to empower a community to live by the guidelines of Islam



La Illaha Il Allah Muhammadur Rasul Allah: Translates to, There is no god but God, Muhammad is the final messenger of Allah; the definitive statement of belief; The core standard by which a Muslim lives


Madrasa: a place of study; any institution of learning

Muslim: A person who submits to the Will of God



Qur’an: Recitation of the Words decreed by God; a collection of guiding principles and practices for Muslims from God


Ramadan: the Islamic month throughout which daily fasting occurs.


Salah: acknowledging the existence and belief in God through physical and meditative worship; 5 daily prayers

Shahada: The statement of belief that states there is no other god but God and Muhammad is the last messenger of God

Sharia: The root meaning stems from shara – a path or way that leads to water (purification); Any and all rights, beliefs, acts of worship, mannerisms, ethics that lead to purification encompass this path; a set of guidelines that ensure social and economic justice, prosperity, and peace






Zakat: the obligatory charity given by Muslims who have acquired assets; 2.5% of assets given as charity to those in need.